Last updated 14 June 2016.

Gather concepts about releases, review processes, and other meta-project info... use the child pages for the HowTo. These are still, in general not specific about the git tool in use.

Full project overview

Full projects are typical modules, themes, and installation profiles you download from the download and extend section of

In contrast to sandbox projects, full projects offer the following benefits:

  • Human-readable shortname in the URL rather than numeric ID (for example, /project/projectname rather than /sandbox/username/node-id)
  • Downloadable releases for end users
  • Usage statistics
  • Increased ranking in search results
  • No Experimental Project warning message on project page
  • Project appears in the Main project issue drop-down
  • Full support for Drupal Translations

Once you have both obtained basic Git access on and completed a one-time approval process, you have two ways of creating a full project:

Once the full project is running: Making new releases. Enjoy, craft that code with pride!