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Last updated: January 4, 2011 - 20:16

Release notes

Changes since DRUPAL-7--1-0-RC1:

  • #737056 by vgarvardt. Devel generate and Checkall integration.
  • Make dpq() a bit more re-useable.
  • #919258 by donquixote: Fix ddebug_backtrace() fails if a function is repeated (recursion).
  • #992936 by Dave Reid. Fix the 'Render' tabs.
  • #992940 by Dave Reid. Set devel pages in hook_admin_paths
  • #992950 by Dave Reid. Add tags[] = developer to info files
  • 991942 by sun. #post_render pass-through callback for kprint_r()
  • More robust. XHprof is_enabled function.
  • #992938 by Dave Reid. Fix the switch user block should use format_username(), which requires full user objects.
  • Avoid an E_NOTICE when displaying the Execute PHP form to anon.
  • #992938 follow-up by sun: Fixed the switch user selection query caused fatal errors on install.
  • #1007380 by greg.1.anderson. rename drush post_pm_enable hook.
  • Suppress "Cannot modify header information - headers already sent" warning if we caused it ourselves.
  • Show DNA information for all listed nodes, including unpublished ones.
  • Ensure that anon is included in the 'Access permissions by user' list.
  • Clarify the reason for giving access via the {node_access} table.
  • Clarify message about DNA and Core disagreeing.
  • #1002614 by jonathan1055. Remove duplicate E_NOTICE messages from backtrace output.
  • Expand suppression of "Cannot modify header information - headers already sent" warning.
  • #1004430: Show Backtrace output only to users with the 'access devel information' permission.
  • #1012568 by droplet. Fix wrong path for "choose to show errors on screen".
  • #703362 by salvis. sql error in variable editor. postgres only.
  • Remove files[] declarations in .info files.
  • 'restrict access' => TRUE for various permissions. See
  • Remove unused devel/source page callback. Theme developer can implement its own if it wants to keep this feature.
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