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Last updated: December 24, 2010 - 22:54

Release notes

This release is compatible with D7-RC2. If you use a more recent Drupal 7 version, use the entity API dev version instead.

Since beta3, the entity CRUD API and entity metadata modules have been merged into a single module. Also there is now a new module "entity tokens", which just provides token replacements for entity properties that have no tokens and are known to the entity API (as previously entity metadata).

For details and a list of API changes see #988780-28: Merge both modules into one.

changes since beta3:
#988780 follow-up to fix the entity API and its tests to work without the BC module
#999908 implement hook_entity_presave()
#1002692 patch by sun: fixed notice "Undefined index: exportable in EntityDefaultUIController->hook_menu()"
#978832 improved the docs of hook_entity_enabled/disabled().
fixed the Entity class comment to properly describe implementing an entity label() and uri()
#988780 API Change: merged both modules into a single one. Read for a detailed description of the changes.
#993428 Entity CRUD: features exports are not properly escaped
#975616 Entity metadata: API change: Removed any duplicate properties.
#990558 Entity CRUD: follow core and allow reacting on changes via $entity->original, including tests.

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