Documenting your project

There are several types of documentation you can add to a Module, Theme, or other project. This guide will cover the relevant guidelines, teach you how to add help text to the Drupal UI through a module, and other ways to ensure your projects are documented.

Help text standards

Guidelines for writing and formatting help text that appears in the Drupal UI. Applies to both core and contrib.

Module documentation guidelines

When submitting (or maintaining) modules, good documentation is vital in order for the module to receive a wide user base and help future

Project page template

A good project page is a concise overview of what a module/theme/distribution does. It needs to be written so that an average user or

README Template

The following components and template are based on the input of many who contributed to the discussion "Create a README.txt template". For

Working with Drupal's Help system

The core Help module supports Drupal's built-in help system. Its Help landing page appears by default in the administrative GUI of a site.

Using as a project demo

Target audience: Drupal project maintainers.On Drupal project pages you might find a 'Try a demonstration' link to evaluate it. A good

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