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Alter Way, service provider of the digital age

Alter Way is a provider of Digital and IT services, offering a unique 100 % Open Source DNA and an decidedly DevOps and industrial approach.

Alter Way's commitments:
· supporting its clients' strategy through a vertical offer;
· consulting, governance, graphic and usability design, Web integration, development, AM, support, hosting, outsourcing, training ;
· fostering innovation throughout companies
· industrializing best practices and methods to ensure the sustainability of systems and applications.

Pioneer in innovation, Alter Way stands out thanks to a continuous investment in bleeding edge technologies in various fields: Cloud, DevOps, Open Data, industrialization of PHP plat-forms, digital accessibility and cross-device Web applications.

We are also strongly committed into promoting Free/Open Source Software through an active involvement in the various initiatives of its ecosysytem, including:

Institutional actions:
· Open World Forum , co-organizer for 5 years - President in 2010, Vice-president in 2013 ;
· Open CIO Summit , Think Tank for CIO of companies using Open Source - co-founder and president ;
· PLOSS ( cluster of Open Source companies in the Paris area) - Presidency ;
· CNLL - Presidency ;
· Member of the Open Source comity of Syntec Numérique;
· Board member of the Open Source working group of the Systematic competitivity cluster;
· Board member of Solutions Linux ;
· Member of the April (main French advocacy association devoted to promoting and protecting Free/Libre Software).

Involvement in Open Source communities:
· PHP , Drupal , Debian , Python , oVirt ...
· Leader of the Wampserver project

Training and employment:
· co-founder and president of Education Think Tank, Job & Floss ;
· co-founder of the Charte Libre Emploi initiative ;
· Leader of the Employment and training in Open Source working Group of Syntec Numérique ;
· Creator of the innovating recruitment program La Libre Académie .

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Alter Way Formation is one of french leader in open source training with more than 1000 trainee by years.
We also participate to the drupal training days since 2013 (