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rdbms engineer

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rijkswaterstaat, icim, Oracle Corporation
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information technology

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Once upon a time I studied physics, and there I learned C and Unix. Only recently I learned a little html, my favourite html editor was vi. Pure as a hobby and not bothered by css or php knowledge, I made my first drupal website for ice skating volonteers of the skating federation.

This first site with drupal6 was made in two weeks, it replaced an old site built with static pages. It worked perfectly, but it did not look very smart, but some active users could easily post messages. My first product is now replaced by a new site, that looks great at first, but is unusable, a decision of higher powers.

Currently I am working on a new site, this time with drupal7. Its for my ice skating club, this time with help of some professionals for the graphics and the user interface. The given instructions are quit demanding for a newbie and the last few weeks I learned a lot about theming: css, php theming drupal structure.

Now I start to appreciate the structure, and all the work that has been put into. As I triage bugs (in a completely different environment) for a living, it comes natural to do something back. See you in the issue q or on irc.


On for 8 years 3 months

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Site Builder,Project Manager