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United States
Current Role(s): 
Web and Communications Specialist
Bridgeborn @ Knowledge Services Center, USAID
mlangfeld, marilynl

Professional Info

Companies Worked For, Epilepsy Foundation, Good Speaks (Board of Directors, Volunteer Lead Web Architect), International Partnership for Microbicides, American Chemistry Council, UICC (International Union Against Cancer), International Trade Centre (UN), World Health Organization, Pan American Health Organization, HelpAge America, UNAIDS, San Francisco Foundation, California Nurses Association, Altos Computers, Pacific Bell, Arthur Andersen, Shanti Project
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Government, Biotech, Public Health, International organizations, Telecommunications/Computing, Finance, Non-profits, Foundations

Personal Info

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Whew, there's so much to say... Let's see, I've lived all over, from St. Louis to Miami; then Nashville (studied physics at Vanderbilt) and Atlanta (first woman in the carpenters union there); with a short time (long enough to build a yurt and survive the winter) in Perry, Maine; then 14 years in San Francisco (my fave), Nicasio and Petaluma; 12 years in Geneva, Switzerland, over 10 years now in DC Metro. Began as printer and design studio production manager, moved into graphic design, never looked back. Designed 5 years of the World Health Report in Geneva. Here in Washington, DC moved more towards the web, took years to connect to Drupal, with a stopover in the Wordpress world. Good to be here.


On for 8 years 9 months

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Drupal Contributions: 

I attended Drupaldelphia 2011
I attended CapitalCamp 2011
I attended OpenGovDC 2011 conference
I created the Web Managers/Content Editors group on g.d.o
I attended the Webchick Drupal 7 Tour in Washington, DC.
I joined DrupalCommons, evaluating it for work. Contributing to the forums there.
I joined DrupalGardens, contributed bug reports in the forums, built my blog site there.
I attended P2PU Drupal training with Heather (Acquia), instructor.
I attend DC Drupal training meetup (lots to learn).
I attend DC Drupal meetup (faithfully).
I attended Drupaldelphia 2009.
I attended my first Drupal course online: Victor Kane, instructor. Built first Drupal site in class.

Areas of Expertise: 
Site designer
web editor/content strategist
Site builder
web manager
Business Analyst
Drupal trainer.
Drupal Events: 
DrupalCon San Francisco 2010
I contributed Drupal documentation
I provide Drupal-related services
I contributed to Drupal issue queues