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New Zealand
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Owner Operator Southweb Ltd (NZ)
Southweb Ltd.

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Available on request.
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Publishing, Transport, Power/Utility, Health, Defense, Government, Corporate Sector, Small to Medium Sized Enterprises

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Andrew McClure, (BA English/Media Studies, Post Grad. Dip. Information Technology; CISA - Principal and Technology Lead) is a veteran software/web developer, having graduated in Information Technology from the University of Western Australia in the year that HTTP became a dominant Internet protocol.

He was involved in the development of early database driven websites; and implemented the first dynamic Australian real estate web site. In subsequent years, Andrew has been involved with, or led, many complex web developments. His most recent large undertaking was as systems integrator for the premier NZ website:

Andrew has also led a rich career as an independent IT consultant assisting companies with IT procurement, IT security, directory services, mid-range systems deployment and software engineering practices.

Southweb is NZ based web hosting and development company specialising in the Drupal CMS.


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