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United Kingdom
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Product Owner

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BBC, Red Bee Media Ltd (Solutions Architect, previously Technical Specialist - Web)
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Media, Broadcasting, Television, Video On Demand

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On for 9 years 1 month

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As an Systems Analyst at Red Bee Media, I designed and specified several Drupal modules, (but I wasn't writing the code!). Modules that I have had a direct and active hand in developing are:

* Power Import, a CSV to node importer:
* Hose XML, a flexible node to XML export tool

These two modules provided a flexible round trip in and out of Drupal, allow users to manage data in a rich and user-friendly environment, but still have the power to export to any external service (we used this tool to successfully publish content to the YouTube API for example).

Areas of Expertise: 
Systems Analyst
Site builder
See the Drupal sites I have built for others here:
I provide Drupal-related services