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Lead Designer and Developer
D4K Communications

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Institute for Work & Health, ABC Life Literacy Canada

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A bilingual web designer and developer in Toronto, with 15 years experience in the non-profit sector. I started building accessible, standards-compliant websites at the turn of the century, when first learning HTML. Before focusing on Drupal, I spent close to a decade doing design and communications work both in print and online.


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I have been involved in the Drupal community since 2008, when I helped the Institute for Work & Health select and implement Drupal for its site redesign. In those early years, I depended a lot on the support I received through various issue queues and through the local Drupal community in Toronto.

To give back to the community, I provide support in issue queues and documentation here on, and I am also involved locally in DrupalTO - the Toronto area Drupal users group and have presented at DrupalCamp Toronto:

DrupalTO Meetup Presentation in March 2015:
Supercharge Your D7 Admin UI [YouTube]

DrupalCamp Toronto 2014 Presentation:
Win with Drupal: Windows tools for Drupal users []

DrupalCamp Toronto 2010 Presentation:
Beginner's Introduction to Drupal: Basic Concepts and Features []

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Site building
Conference sites


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