The more time I spend (loose) on Drupal, the more I fall back in love with HTML and dreamweaver again. Hmm, those lovely templates and libraries... they do work!
- (HTML, since 2007, always worked)

Since Drupal leaves not enough place for all the (failed) website-attempts, besides "The value provided for Website(s) is not a valid URL. blablabla"

I'll repeat them here:
- (since 2007, broken 2014, repairing)
- (since 2013, broken 2014, repaired 2015)
- (since 2013, broken2014, repaired 2015)
- (since 2012, broken2014, repairing)
- (since 2008, never got to be as intended)
- (since 2007, never got to be as intended)
- (since 2008?, never got to be as meant)
- (since 2008?, never got to be as meant)
- (never got it from the ground - no time)
- (never got it from the ground - no time)
- (no time for even starting, while blocked or repairing the others)
- (remake of former website - 2015)
- (tryout for a drupal version of SevillaOnLine - 2015)
- (2015)

Most of the sites had the intention to become communities, but with the continuous frustrating and despairing problems Drupal already generates without public, I don't trust and dare to go any further than just the basics.
For now the sites are just there to avoid forgetting what I'd really want to do, while stuck in Drupal, hoping someday someone will be able to take over the mess and get it to work, finally allowing me to exploit the inspiration that just has been accumulating and waiting uselessly.


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