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United States
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'da Prez.
Internet Design Alliance

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Exxon, Dell
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computers, oil, medical

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Internet Design Alliance has been developing websites since 1996 and building Drupal websites since 2005. We are located in Austin, TX. You can frequently find me at Mozart's.

We offer Drupal Managed Hosting starting at US $400 per quarter which includes quarterly updates.

Many find it's cheaper to host with us than it is to purchase a private 1.5+ GB VPS. The base servers we put clients on have 8+ cores and 20+ GB RAM.

If you are a profitable business that must have their site safe and secure, and you don't want to continue sinking your productive time into Drupal, you should purchase our Drupal Managed Hosting. Besides which, when was the last time you tuned your MySQL server?

We also pay Themers, Front-End Developers, and other Drupal professionals a 10% lifetime commission for all clients they move to our managed hosting. To thwart spam and random sign-ups, add this to your cart and purchase (USD $0.20). Then use the Affiliate Link (Account >> Affiliate Center) to referrer as many clients as you like.


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Project Manager
Site builder
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DrupalCon Austin 2014

Credited on 1 issue fixed in the past 1 year


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Michael-IDA helps support and grow the Drupal community with the Drupal Association.

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