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United States
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Sr. Drupal Consultant
Independent Contractor
Drupal Consultant

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Industries Worked In: 
Web Development, Start Ups, Aviation, Health, Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Federal Government

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Drupal Grand Master!

Drupal websites/web applications worked on in professional capacity:

http://3d.si.edu (Drupal 8, migrated from D7 to D8)
http://newsdesk.si.edu (migrated form D6 to D7)
http://uscourts.gov (Drupal 7)
http://nihlibrary.nih.gov (Drupal 7)
https://community.lincs.ed.gov (Drupal 7, theme improvements)
http://emammal.si.gov (Drupal 7, Open Atrium)
http://www.fema.gov (Drupal 7)
http://www.ready.gov (Drupal 7)
http://m.fema.gov (Drupal 7- Mobile)
http://www.sailtime.com/ (Drupal 7)
http://spymuseum.org (Drupal 7)
http://www.awcaa.org/ (Drupal 6)
http://www.awionline.org/ (Drupal 6 w/ Ubercart)
http://www.aoc.gov (migrated http://aoc.gov to Drupal 7 and total redesign - design by Ogilvy PR)
http://www.pbma.org/ (Drupal 7 site integrated with Avectra)
http://bwiairport.com (Drupal 5)
http://wbjc.com/ (Drupal 5, first website created in Drupal)


On Drupal.org for 10 years 9 months

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Drupal Contributions: 

Bug Fixes
Security Issues

Areas of Expertise: 
Backend Developer
Drupal Events: 
DrupalCon DC 2009
DrupalCon Denver 2012
DrupalCon Portland 2013
DrupalCon Los Angeles 2015
DrupalCon Baltimore 2017


Drupal Association Supporting Partner

zdd helps support and grow the Drupal community with the Drupal Association.

I contributed Drupal patches
I contributed to Drupal issue queues
I contributed Drupal documentation
I contributed Drupal translations
I help in the Drupal support forums
I provide Drupal-related services
I give support on IRC
I help mentor new contributors