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United States
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Application / CMS Developer
Sites for Friends

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imagistic, BrainForest Digital, UC Santa Cruz
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web, video, film, television, radio, advertising, fundraising

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Drew develops and designs web software using modern frameworks and technologies like Drupal and WordPress, PHP, jQuery, CSS 3 and HTML5.

Web Development

Although his true beginnings in software were in developing a revolutionary and easily accessible database system for the Telephone Outreach division at UC Santa Cruz in 2003, Drew formally began his career in the web software industry in 2005 at BrainForest Digital Animation, where he designed, developed, and maintained the company's numerous web properties, including the corporate site, informational and brochure sites, a corporate blog, and a personal site and blog for the company's founder and CEO.

Drew's next step was a company called imagistic, where he developed, integrated, and maintained a wide variety of dynamic and CMS web applications for high-profile, high-traffic clients like Solarbuzz (a division of The NPD Group), the Revenue Watch Institute, First 5 LA, Investigative News Network, Sir Speedy, PIP, TeamLogic IT, and the JFK Library Foundation.

Today, Drew works as an web and content management software designer/developer at Sites for Friends, where he has developed, designed, and maintained numerous e-commerce and enterprise sites and web software applications for organizations such as the Red Hat Society, Benchmark Research, Fretted Americana, Planned Giving, Sneakerland, and


Drew graduated from Westlake High School with High Honors in 2002, and began his college career at UC Santa Cruz the same year. After two years, he earned an Associate's Degree equivalent and transferred to UC Santa Barbara, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film and Media Studies in 2007.


Drew loves listening to and playing music. He plays the tenor saxophone. Throughout high school and college and beyond, he has performed with musical ensembles including the marching band, pep band, wind ensemble, and many jazz big bands and combos.


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custom module developer
Custom theme developer
Site builder
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DrupalCon Chicago 2011
DrupalCon Denver 2012
I provide Drupal-related services
I contributed to Drupal issue queues