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Director of Digital Engagement
4Site Studios

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Salsa Labs
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4Site is a full-service digital creative engagement agency. We combine capabilities in video production, design, strategy and web development to create engaging content.

Digital Strategy

The right content for the right audience

Content drives conversation, and ultimately, brand engagement. The core of any successful digital strategy is a strong content strategy. We make sure our clients focus on creating great content that delivers their message effectively and provides a clear path to action.

Marketing Videos

Perspective makes all the difference

Tell your story through powerful, professional video production and motion graphics. From storyboarding to post-production, we'll work together to set the tone and share high impact messages with your audience. The 4Site video team will help you capture compelling interviews, engaging promotional pieces, or dynamic typography and motion graphics.

Brand and Web Design

Branding that's alive and relevant

A beautiful design is the foundation of your relationship with your audience. 4Site combines expertise in design with an understanding that form must follow function. The design must be in service of your the user experience. We work with our clients to create a cohesive visual identity that holds all your platforms and content together.


Put the latest technology at your fingertips

Our development team specializes in creating: dynamic feature content like maps and surveys; open source content management systems like Drupal and WordPress; and systems integrations, making sure your CMS talks to your Salsa, Convio, or Salesforce database.

Top-tier Support

Refine your web presence

4Site offers an entire suite of services on demand. Clients have access to our entire team, from our developers and strategists to our designers and videographers, at a single low rate with guaranteed turn-around times. We'll help you with basic site administration and content publishing, website hosting, web design, training, 3rd party service integrations, and more.

Meet our Staff

Heming Nelson: Founder

John Shortess: Director of Technology

Michael Wilson: Developer

Bryan Casler: Director of Digital Strategy

Feld Giesy: Analytics Associate

Our Contributions


The HubDub module enables the creation of interactive videos, with HTML/Javascript overlays displayed over the video at predetermined times during playback.

Salsa API

4Site sponsored the D7 port of and helps to maintain the Salsa API module, which allows Drupal to communicate with the Salsa CRM from Salsa Labs.

Salsa Entity

4Site has contributed to Salsa Entity, a suite of modules built on Salsa API that allows deep integration of the Salsa CRM into Drupal.

Salsa Supporters

This D6 module developed by 4Site syncs selected data from the Salsa supporters database to local Drupal user objects so that they may be manipulated, displayed or used in conditional logic by Drupal modules.

Drupal Core

The 4Site team has made contributions to D7 and D8 core, participates in sprints at DrupalCons and Drupal camps, and is active in issue queues and occasionally on IRC. We've also sponsored camps and are active in local Drupal meetups.


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Drupal Association Organization Member

bryancasler helps support and grow the Drupal community with the Drupal Association.

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