Backup your database and files

Website backups are more than just an element of best practices, they are essential!

If for any reason your website goes awry the option of restoring it from a recent backup is often the best solution, and sometimes it is the only one available. To create a complete backup the database and the custom files will both need to be backed up. An automatic backup strategy is easy to implement using the Backup & Migrate module, and a manual backup can be created before major updates or new implementations, providing a convenient restore point taken immediately prior to the changes going in.

Backup & Migrate

The Backup & Migrate module facilitates emergency recovery and site migration. You can configure it for automatic backups saved to the filesystem - with more frequent backups during development.

You can also create a manual backup before undertaking any complex configuration. That way, you have a "restore point" in case of disaster.

While there may be some issues of security when you save the database and content as a file (you could exclude certain tables, perhaps), the benefits of having a rollback in case of disaster are significant.

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