Site folder name freedom and automated virtual host settings

I did two things that were significantly different from the multi-site instructions. So far they are working on my local installation, but have not yet been tested in online sites.

This was done in Drupal 7 running under XAMPP 5.6.3.

OS X settings.php notes

For information about setting up a local MAMP (Mac, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) server, see HowTo: Create a local environment using MAMP.

For an external server, follow these steps:

Note: If you're using Snow Leopard, you must first enable the GD library. Unlike previous versions of OS X, Snow Leopard comes with a version of PHP that supports the GD library without having to recompile PHP. To enable the GD library in PHP, edit the /etc/php.ini file, and then remove the initial semicolon (which comments the line) from the following line:


After you remove the semi-colon, restart the Apache server. The GD libraries will then be available in PHP.

Rebuild PHP5 to include the GD tools according to the instructions here.

  1. Install Drupal 7.0 as /Users/xxx/Sites/drupal, where user xxx is in the _www group, and ensuring that the entire installation is group-writable. Create a soft link from
    /Library/WebServer/Documents/xxx to /Users/xxx/Sites.
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