Status message

This organization is a Drupal services provider.

Founded on 2009 as "SB IT Media, S.L.", is a company focused on Performance consultancy, System administration and Systems engineering around Drupal projects.

Managing the infrastructures underlying some of the heaviest traffic Spanish Drupal websites, we are proud of our long term customers like "UNICEF Comite español" or "Axel Springer España".

We have the Drupal community in our DNA since our very born and we actively support and volunteer whenever we can.

Drupal contributions

Our team hang out on various IRC drupal channels (mostly in drupal-es, drupal-contribute, drupal-infrastructure and drupal-performance)

Contribution to the community:
Drupal Association Organization Member since 2011
Spanish Drupal Association supporter company on 2011 and 2012
DrupalDay Barcelona 2011 sponsors
DrupalCamp Spain 2012 sponsors

Projects supported

Drush Shrink Database, Filesync, Storage API stream wrappers, Settings.php generator, Baseline Performance, Storage API Populate