Status message

This organization is a Drupal services provider.

Listening - understanding - consulting – implementing

Reinblau is a registered cooperative of Drupal professionals with a wide array of expertise (from concept to design, from marketing to implementation).
Community-driven business is what inspires us.

Drupal contributions

Reinblau is very dedicated to contributions - you might even call it addiction. We even made contributing to open source software a precondition for new members who want to join our cooperative.

Code Contributions

Reinblau has issued Bassets (an asset management suite consisting of a server distribution and client modules). Team members tobiasb and fl3a are the most active members in code and patch contributions but other team members are doing pretty well, too. We contribute translations, modules, patches, documentation and provide help on many channels/platforms.

Fostering the community

Most of those at Reinblau who are no members of the Drupal Association are members of the German Drupal Association, and very active ones in fact. Not only do we sponsor Drupal Camps and code sprints, we also volunteer in organizing and conducting them. Stephan Luckow and Meike Jung have been in official functions of the association and still spend most of their spare time supporting the community.
Reinblau talks competitors into contributing and tries to convince customers to become active members of the community as well. We add an optional "community tribute" to our offers and motivate customers to have their individual requirements solved generically, so we can contribute back. Because of that, one of our clients was even awarded with the Open Source Sustainability Award.

Marketing of Drupal

Reinblau was a driving force in the project CMS Garden. Most of our team members volunteer in consulting at CMS Garden booths on trade fairs and conferences. We have written and designed handouts (Drupal at a Glance, Drupal for Governmental Authorities, Take and Give) under CC license, we open-sourced booth design artwork ( and are editors/translators/final editor/designer of the free CMS Gardener's Guide. Oh yes, and we built that website, too.

Reinblau dedicates an average of 1,500 unpaid working hours a year to community contributions (development not even counted in).

Projects supported

Reveal.js, OwnTracks, deGov, Leaflet MapBox D8, Reset node statistics counter (reset_node_counter), Features User Role Plus, Bassets, Bassets Client Profile, Features Clone Drupal 7 Port, Amazon webservice glacier, AWS SDK for PHP v2

Credited on 4 issues fixed in the past 3 months