Title Status Priority Category Version Component Replies Last updatedsort ascending Assigned to Created
EntityReferenceFieldItemNormalizer makes incorrect assumption that all entities have a canonical URL Fixed Normal Support request 8.4.x-dev serialization.module 22 4 days 23 hours 2 weeks 3 days
Call to undefined method Drupal\Core\Entity\EntityTypeManager::getEntityTypeFromClass() Needs review Normal Support request 8.4.4 serialization.module 12 6 days 11 hours marral 1 year 1 month
MapData cannot be serialized Reviewed & tested by the community Major Bug report 8.6.x-dev serialization.module 113 1 week 10 hours 7 months 5 days
Use strict mode for "in_array()" functions in "\Drupal\serialization\Normalizer\NormalizerBase" for verifying supported types for (de-)normalization Needs review Minor Task 8.6.x-dev serialization.module 24 2 weeks 1 day 10 months 4 weeks
Discourage @FieldType-level normalizers, encourage @DataType-level normalizers, to strengthen the API-First ecosystem Needs review Major Task 8.6.x-dev serialization.module 34 3 weeks 5 days 2 months 3 weeks
The semantics of the "revision_translation_affected" field are unclear to Decoupled Drupal developers (REST/JSON API/GraphQL) users, improve this Active Normal Task 8.6.x-dev serialization.module 28 1 month 2 days 1 month 3 weeks
TypedData 'Any' can't be normalized to array if it stores an object Needs work Normal Bug report 8.6.x-dev serialization.module 35 1 month 1 week caseylau 4 months 1 week
Add DateTimeNormalizer+TimestampNormalizer, deprecate TimestampItemNormalizer: @DataType-level normalizers are reusable by JSON API Needs work Major Task 8.6.x-dev serialization.module 64 1 month 1 week 2 months 3 weeks
Deprecate 'xml' serialization format in Drupal 9 Needs work Normal Task 8.6.x-dev serialization.module 4 2 months 3 weeks 2 months 3 weeks
Expose labels of referenced entities Needs work Normal Feature request 8.6.x-dev serialization.module 10 4 months 2 weeks 4 months 2 weeks
Discuss a better system for discovering and selecting normalizers Active Normal Plan 8.6.x-dev serialization.module 23 5 months 2 days 2 years 4 months
Add a FieldableEntityNormalizer (rather than having support for fields in EntityNormalizer, which we can't change anymore due to BC) Postponed Normal Task 8.6.x-dev serialization.module 10 8 months 3 weeks 1 year 2 months
REST views: add special handling for collections Postponed Normal Feature request 8.6.x-dev serialization.module 176 9 months 3 weeks 4 years 4 months
[PP-1] Expose entity validation errors in a machine readable REST API: Postponed Normal Task 8.6.x-dev serialization.module 48 10 months 2 weeks 11 months 3 weeks
Add recursion protection to EntityReferenceItem normalizers Needs work Minor Task 8.6.x-dev serialization.module 12 10 months 2 weeks 1 year 7 months
Discuss whether to deprecate serialization string casting bc layer before 9.x Active Normal Plan 8.6.x-dev serialization.module 5 10 months 2 weeks 11 months 3 weeks
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