This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Welcome to Extra Voting Forms!

This module gives you easy-to-use, and yet powerful, voting forms.

Some features:

- Javascript voting; however, the module works 1000% even if the
user doesn't have Javascript

- Abuse control. The module allows you to limit users on how many points
they can give. The admin can also decide on how many different
comments/nodes a user can vote on

- Bonus voting powers to people with specific permissions. When a user has them
(because they are associated to a role, for example), then the user can give/take
more votes on each click.

- Everything is configurable from the admin interface

- Themable. The voting forms can look however you like. Two examples
are provided.

- Ability to put the forms in the link section of the comment/node
or anywhere in the comment template (by hand)

This module was originally created and maintained by mercmobily

The port to Drupal 6 was made by mercmobily and sponsored by CMS Website Services -- Thank you!

Nowadays, Chuva Inc. supports the maintaing of this module


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  • Last modified: 1 December 2014
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