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Quizlet for Drupal

What is Quizlet?

Quizlet is one of the biggest vocabulary and flashcard learning websites on the net. It has flashcards and vocabulary sets for a wide-range of subjects. At its most basic, Quizlet provides students (and teachers) with the ability to create, use, share and rebuild vocabulary lists and provides various tools for study.

What is Quizlet for Drupal?

Quizlet (6.x-2.x + 7.x-1.x) for Drupal uses the Quizlet API 2.0 to search and add Quizlet vocabulary and flashcards within your Drupal Site, including an option to provide private vocabulary lists too.


  • Search Vocabulary lists by keyword at:
  • Save Quizlet Vocabulary on your site and add your own personal titles and descriptions (note: actual vocabulary is not stored on your and may periodically change as users on Quizlet change their vocabulary lists!)
  • search by groups and add private group vocabulary
  • View Flashcards and Review: for example, see these demo flashcard embed
  • authorize site to handle and display private group vocabulary within Drupal site.


Watch this Video Tutorial on Complete Installation of Module with Quizlet 2.0 API

  • Download module from
  • Enable Module.
  • Create an account at Quizlet and retrieve your Quizlet Client ID and Secret Key from
  • In, make sure you set the redirect URI to
  • Enter your Quizlet Client ID and Secret Key in the fields on your Drupal site at /admin/settings/quizlet)
  • Generate a Quizlet token for your site at admin/settings/quizlet/token (this will allow you to access your private groups and group vocabulary)
  • Create Menu Links for and
  • Enable Quizlet Keyword Search block if you want.
  • Search and add public vocabulary lists via
  • Search by group and add private vocabulary lists via by searching the group, then viewing the group and group's listing and finally saving to add.

Sites Currently Using Quizlet for Drupal Module:

Original Development (6.x-1-x)

Original development (6.x-1-x) has focused on bringing word lists into Drupal sites. It works great at doing just that. Search for vocabulary lists and embed in your Drupal site. Due to the depreciation of the Quizlet 1.0 API, this branch will no longer be maintained and it is recommended to update to the latest module.

Current Development (6.x-2.x, 7.x-1.x)

The Quizlet module now supports Quizlet's 2.0 API! Please download and test.

Quizlet's API 2.0 includes an OAuth authentification layer, modified calls, and a way to edit your quizlet lists from an application as well as ways to access private groups and group lists.

Please download and test:

I would be open to any patches or paid contributions to create these features or other features.

Check out this Feature for OpenAtrium that integrates Quizlet vocabulary lists within groups:

Dictionary Word Lookups

This module does not use Quizlet for Dictionary Definition lookups. If you are looking for this feature in your Drupal 6 site, check out this simple module I built for embedding Word Lookups:

This educational project has been developed and funded by for the Language Corner Group Learning project.. Thanks to for sponsoring Drupal 7 port and various feature improvements.

Supporting organizations: 
Built, upgrade and maintain Quizlet integration for Drupal

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