Everything works fine - using rubik theme, admin module, the little wrench shows, and pops out, however, I dont have an actual administration menu showing. Adding the admin menu through a block also does not show anything, whilst other blocks work fine, such as devel, or primary menu. I have rights, and admin_menu shows me everything fine. Tried to disable admin_menu as well, but that didnt make any difference.



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I get this too. Using Garland theme. More specifically, sometimes the admin menu will show and sometimes not, and it shows different 'levels' of the admin menu for different pages.

Also, for me the admin sidebar will not respond without a second page load. I.e. the expand icon has no effect unless I refresh the page at least once.

Modules currently installed:



Admin module seems to work fine after disabling Devel_Themer so suspecting there is a conflict between the two.

I'm using the most recent versions of Devel_Themer and Admin Module.

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I am having the exact same problem. I do not have the Devel_Themer module, but even without it the administration menu is not showing. I have never had it display since installing it in Drupal 7. I just updated from beta3 to rc1 of Drupal and the issue is the exact same.

UPDATE: Sorry, I didn't realize until after I submitted this that the OP seems to be referring to Drupal 6. My issue was referring to Drupal 7. For what it's worth, I have never had this issue with Drupal 6.

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Bump. I've got Devel_Themer disabled. I uninstalled the module and deleted the code. Re-uploaded and still doesn't work. Anyone else experiencing this???? It just happened out of the blue with no understandable explanation.

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Title: actual Admin menu doesn't show » Administration Menu disappears / is overridden by another item.

Another quick bump. It appears what happened is another item took over, arbitrarily. I was creating a couple views for a client to administer and moderate, and gave the Page display a path of admin/pagename and set the menu item to Default Menu Tab with a weight of 0. When I changed this path to pagename/admin, the Administration Menu appeared as soon as I saved the view!

I've changed the name of the issue to reflect more accurately what's happening. Can anyone else replicate/recreate this bug?

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We're seeing the same issue. Don't see the administration menu links in the admin menu nor in the menu_links table in MySQL. Tried to rebuild the menu but no luck.

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I am on Drupal 7 and can't get consistent appearance of admin_menu toolbar.

Looking at source code and comparing

jQuery... text I see a hash value that seems like it appears when menu is working and doesn't appear when menu is't working I can post more details if anyone thinks I might be onto something
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Im on D7 as well and I it happened the same to me.
What I did is unsinstalling the "Administration menu Toolbar style" plugin in the modules page and it came all back to the older version of the ADMIN MENU but it worked

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You have to set admin_menu global var to false in case you are logged in


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I am having the same problem. Interesting that in my case at least, If I uncheck "Keep menu at top of page" AND check"shortcuts" (under "plugins") then when I enable both the "Administration Menu Toolbar Style" AND the original Drupal core Toolbar, both toolbars show up - but if I turn off the original Drupal Toolbar, they both disappear.

Can you elaborate on how to set the admin_menu global variable to FALSE? I'm admittedly a bit of a noob when it comes to setting global vars, etc.