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Many site admins wish to prevent users from changing certain attributes in their profile or other users' profiles (password, e-mail, username and custom profile fields). This table will attempt compare and contrast the modules available for this task. Note that in addition to these modules there is the "change own username" permission available in Drupal's core user module.

Module Guest User Read only User Protect Restrict password change Protect critical users
Latest D8 release none yet none yet 8.x-1.0-rc1 none yet Functionality in Core
Latest D7 release none yet 7.x-1.4 7.x-1.2 7.x-1.0-beta2 Functionality in Core
Latest D6 release 6.x-1.2 6.x-1.4 6.x-1.5 6.x-1.3 6.x-1.1
Restrict own password change Y Y Y N N
Restrict own e-mail change Y Y Y N N
Restrict own custom profile fields change Y N N N N
Restrict other users' password change N N Y Y N
Restrict other users' e-mail change N N Y Y N
Restrict other users' username change N N Y N N
Restrict other users' custom profile fields change N N N N N
Restrict deleting other users N N Y Y Y

Please update this page to reflect your knowledge of these modules.

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Stewx’s picture

This table doesn't make any sense at the moment...

coderintherye’s picture

Which is why others should edit it to help make sense. It's a needed comparison.

roball’s picture

I have now (almost) completed the table. Shouldn't we remove the "Restrict own username change" row - since (as mentioned in the description) Drupal core has this ability, thus no distributed module is needed for that.

-- Robert Allerstorfer

coderintherye’s picture

Looks good, thanks! Removed the row you suggested. Good work roball.

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Not really a user edit permission module but since the modules above don't handle profile field protection this might be worth mentioning here;


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