Well, I don't know if I'm the only one who facing this issue but anyway, in the gallery assist assignments there is an option called "Build aliases". I assume it's for whether build or not aliases for image view pages like instead of "node/1234/2" get url like "node/1234/my-awesome-image". Right? So when the check box "Build aliases" is unchecked the aliases shouldn't be built and url should look like "node/1234/2", right? That's what I'm trying to do. I don't want to build aliases for image view pages, but they builds anyway! "Build aliases" turned off, but I'm still getting this aliases created.
Why is that?


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All I'm trying to do is this: if my node with gallery assist assignments have an alias like "gallery/category1/album3", then when I'm viewing a 2nd image in this album the URL should look like "gallery/category1/album3/2", but not like "node/1234/my-awesome-image" or "node/1234/2".

Is it possible and how to do that? I really can't figure this out...

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any ideas?

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Well, everything is even more complicated... I really can't understand for what purpose this "building aliases functionality" adds a sequence number of each given photo to its alias relative to the whole number of photos uploaded using given node type with gallery assist assignments?

I mean that if I created 3 albums with 20 photos in each one, then for example the alias of the 5th photo in the next 4th album will look like this: "specific-category/4th-album/literally-whole-name-of-the-photo-65" where the "65" is 3*20+5 but not JUST 5 like it suppose to be - the sequence number of the photo relative to the number of photos in the CURRENT album.

Isn't that crazy numbering system?

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I suppose that happening because $pid variable just summarize the number of all gallery elements. Is there any variable, that count only number of photos in each given album?

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excuse me for the delayed answer.
I can explain only why I have choosen this system.
The file system offers us two possibilities to save files after upload, in this case images:
1- The replace method "replaces" old files with new files if the name is exists.
2- The rename method "renames" new files in cases where they are existing files with the same names.

It exist cameras that can remember the counter of clicks. Other cameras begin to count after they have been emptied.

As next we have the alias system from Drupal and the solution that I have given to.
An alias can exists only one per image (what in this case is a gallery image).
For example you have emptied your camera three times and you add the files without extra changes.
you will get three times a image with the name IMG_0007.JPG with a counter as prefix builded by Drupal or you will get only one image because the older images wll be replaced.

What I find crazy is that you classify a not implemented feature as "bug".

I will investigate why by disabling the feature GA continue builds the paths of the images, and I will solve the issue.

You can install the Devel module and enable the block. Select "Variables editor" and you will read, delete or modify some of them.

Juan Carlos

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Hi Juan. Well, I classified this issue as "bug" because I really think that when I turn off something and it didn't work appropriately then this is a bug in it should be solved. That what I described in my first post.

But I admit that beginning with second one I started to talk about a little bit something different and thank you for explaining this numbering system, it works for the purposes that you described. But in my case I choose "replace files" and really looking forward for the feature like "an option for building image alises" that will offer this alias patterns:
> page alias / image name (transliterated) / picture id [like it uses now]
> page alias / image name (transliterated)
> page alias / picture id
> page alias / sequence number of the photo relative to the number of photos in the current album

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I think the best way is to provide some tokens and ability to use and set it directly in Pathauto patterns.

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Status: Active » Needs review


maybe in a future version. I must investigate for that.

For the moment I have fixed the bug regarding the ignored setting "Build aliases".

Thanks and Regards
Juan Carlos

don't forget to give feedback

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Status: Needs review » Fixed

Thanks, this bug fixed now, but I have the opposite one now: http://drupal.org/node/1040936

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Hello guys,

Is there a way to create two aliases? One for the Gallery page (the first page) and one for individual images.

When you create a gallery page, and upload images, the gallery page shows all thumbnails. This, so to speak, is gallery's 1st page.

I would like to create one alias for this page, and one type of alias for other individual pages.

Is this possible? If yes, how?

Thank you.