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This install debug log says:

The following settings will be used:
 Aegir frontend URL:
 Master server FQDN:
 Aegir root: /data/disk/o2
 Aegir user: o2
 Web group: www-data
 Web server: nginx
 Aegir DB host: localhost
 Aegir DB user: o2
 Aegir DB password: <previously set>
 Drush make version: 6.x-2.0-beta9
 Aegir version: HEAD
 Aegir platform path: /data/disk/o2/aegir/distro/001
 Aegir makefile: /data/disk/o2/.drush/provision/aegir.make
 Client email:

It creates not proper server_localhost.alias.drushrc.php file
[EDIT] doh, I mean it is an extra and wrong file, with wrong/missing values, when compared to standard server_master.alias.drushrc.php file, which is using still FQDN.

$aliases['server_localhost'] = array (
  'context_type' => 'server',
  'server' => '@server_master',
  'remote_host' => 'localhost',
  'aegir_root' => '/data/disk/o2',
  'script_user' => 'o2',
  'ip_addresses' =>
  array (
  'backup_path' => '/data/disk/o2/backups',
  'config_path' => '/data/disk/o2/config/server_localhost',
  'include_path' => '/data/disk/o2/config/includes',
  'master_url' => NULL,
  'admin_email' => 'admin@localhost',
  'db_service_type' => 'mysql',
  'db_port' => 3306,
  'master_db' => 'mysql://o2:aPtTxbN6@localhost',

But it fails to "register" that localhost DB server in the frontend, is using still hostname FQDN as a db host in the frontend for hostmaster site, however it is using localhost in the settings.php for hostmaster.

Then any attempt to install any other site fails, because there is no DB server created in the frontend.

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I'll take a look at this.

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Silly me. I forgot to merge in the branch in hostmaster... Sorry! This should be fixed.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.