When I tried to use the "Custom javascript configuration" (found in "Advanced options" of the ckeditor module), I noticed that it was handling string and boolean parameters fine, but not arrays (used by config.templates_files for example).
I have created a patch which fixes the problem for one dimensional arrays.
Please note that this doesn't handle multi-dimensional arrays (used by config.toolbar_Full for example). I might have a go at it later when I'll have more time.

ckeditor_custom_js_conf_array_fix.patch725 bytestlaurent
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Title: Handling of the one dimensional arrays in the "Custom javascript configuration" » [D6] Handling arrays in the "Custom javascript configuration"
Status: Patch (to be ported) » Fixed

@tlaurent, really thx for report this bug and for patch but i fix it in other way and now multi-dimensional arrays are also supported.
I also fix bug with one config option written in few lines - now everything should work without problem.

Fix will be ported to D7 asap.


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I tested this and it works for me.

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Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)