it might be useful/logical to merge in features from enabled_modules and used_modules into views_system.

enabled_modules works by adding new views fields, that deal with modules (enabled, disabled, not installed) plus information, like versions
used_modules works by creating a static page of modules that are enabled, with custom code

the same lists that enabled_modules provides could then be extended to support themes, possibly even libraries in the future.

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Status: Active » Closed (fixed)

used_modules is a simple and small module which provides only some information about modules and is less flexibel. but useful in some cases.

enabled_modules provides more information about modules than used_modules and is more flexibel. but it only support modules.

The Views System module provides more features/information than enabled_modules. and also provides information about themes.

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so what is fixed on this request?

i asked for a merger, not a clarification :)

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Status: Closed (fixed) » Active

Which features do you miss?

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probably nothing

but cooperation between the devs of the 3 projects could be achieved to deprecate the other 2 modules.

i will forward this to them ;)

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ok, here we go

hopefully the maintainers will notice the issues and comment on it

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Would you be able to put together a brief summary of the features of each module so that we can have a more informed discussion?

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will do as soon as possible

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+1 Let's merge it into Views System.

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Module status:
Views System - Drupal 7 Views3: works well, small glitches
Views System - Drupal 6 Views2: works well, small glitches, no styling for table (views fault: semantic views)
Enabled Modules - Drupal 7 Views3: does not seem to work (beta2 & dev)
Enabled Modules - Drupal 6 Views2: works well (dev has one less glitch than 1.0)
Used modules - Drupal 6: works well, but very limited. functionality covered by the two modules above.

DON'T ENABLE enabled_modules AND views_system AT SAME TIME
the classes will overlap - drupal will load, everything will be fine, but neither module will work, outputting errors everywhere where they are called (views ui, their views pages, etc).

Functionality that Enabled Modules does and Views System does not:
- output "Your overall Drupal site is presently installed in this directory: xxxx/public_html" in the view header with PHP Code filter: <?php print getcwd() ?>
- field "Administer" (permissions, help, settings, other actions - with links!).
- field "Code" (present / missing) - whether or not the module files are present.
- field "Dependencies" - the "requires". ugly output.
- field "Dependents" - the "required by". ugly output.
- field "Throttle" - throttle module, drupal 6 only.
- includes 1 view List (Enabled) and 3 view Tables (by Enabled, Disabled and Not Installed states) - note, supports both modules and themes, but only provides views for modules.
- sorting and filtering includes most of the fields.
- proper descriptions (fields, sorting, filters, etc).

the List view has no additional info, just the module name, display name and project. Grouped by Project.
the three Table has module name, display name, project, description, and the two fields above, the administer and code. Grouped by Package.

Fields available at enabled_modules:
- System: Administer (Administration links for the module.)
- System: Bootstrap (Whether the module runs at an early stage of Drupal bootstrapping.)
- System: Code (Whether or not the code is present or not.)
- System: Core (The compatible core version for the module / theme.)
- System: Datestamp (The date and time that the project was released.)
- System: Dependencies (A serialized array containing dependencies of the module. A specific handler should be written for this field to use it properly.)
- System: Dependents (A serialized array containing dependents of the module. A specific handler should be written for this field to use it properly.)
- System: Description (Description of the module/theme)
- System: Filename (Location of the module/theme.)
- System: Name (Human name of the module/theme)
- System: Name (Machine name of the module/theme)
- System: Owner (The parent component (for themes))
- System: PHP (The version of PHP required by this module.)
- System: Package (Category that the module falls into for the modules page.)
- System: Project (The project that the module / theme belongs to.)
- System: Schema Version (Version of database schema, used to determine when a database update is required.)
- System: Status (Whether the module / theme is enabled)
- System: Throttle (Whether the module has been selected for throttling)
- System: Type (Module / theme / theme engine)
- System: Version (Version of the module/theme)
- System: Weight (The priority that Drupal gives to this module (modules only).)

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Title: views_system vs enabled_modules vs used_modules » merge enabled_modules into views_system
Priority: Normal » Major

my efforts to bridge the gap,

default views
Drupal 6 Views 2: http://drupal.org/node/1196462
Drupal 7 Views 3: http://drupal.org/node/1196064#comment-4637424

the last one should be compatible with Drupal 6 Views 3 too

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After looking in detail at both projects, I have added views_system as a dependency for enabled_modules (D7 branch) - and our views are now build on the definitions from views_system.

I don't intend making any changes to the D6 version, as a stable version is out, and doesn't really require maintenance.

Hopefully this means that this issue is solved and there is no duplication now.