Release info

Created by: aaron
Created on: October 12, 2010 - 17:23
Last updated: October 12, 2010 - 17:26
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Changes since DRUPAL-6--1-0-ALPHA2:

  • * fixes missing content types on the admin settings form
    * harmonizes form settings between d5 and d6
    * relocates thumb functions to the thumbnail module
    * improvements in file extension vs. mime type handling
  • ports the fixes from the D5 branch up
  • Major refactor of how views works, first pass looks like it is working correctly for file type views
  • Confirms support for node type views, improves preview view, improves mime type checking
  • Fixes for non-clean urls and proper file paths to files
  • First refactor to move content settings under node content settings
  • #681858 by chelman, provides support for cck file field types. Patch is slightly modified but seems to solve the problem correctly.
  • code cleanup and now returning a 404 when there is no playlist on nodes
  • #340435 by aaron: Add support for emfield.
  • #575656 by jcmarco: addes dependency. Thanks!
  • #770348 by aaron: Honor views field options.
  • #771702 by jcmarco: menu fix
  • First commit on the 6.2x branch
  • Using the new hook structure to simplify playlist creation. Audio, CCK, Upload, and thumbnail support is now rolled into the main xspf module to make install simpler. Config is now all content type specific.
  • #800224 by jcmarco: Return $path when supplying external URL.
  • #800202 by jcmarco: Add file_create_url to xspf_playlist_thumb.
  • by aaron: Rebuild the menu to catch new admin page.