As the title says. Screenshot example attached.

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i know : ( i will have to keep thinking about this one.

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Yea I'm sure this is apparent to you and to a lot of users. I understand that the popups are more than just "cool", they help save a lot of real estate. The big issue with them, though, is that you sacrifice the ability to tell your end users things that are critical, like:

"Enter your birthday in the format mm/dd/yyyy."

In most cases the problem exists between the keyboard and chair, but it's a problem run into quite frequently where the user didn't know to hover their mouse over a field and read the bubble on the far right side of the screen to get this info.

Also, as noted above, the text can run off the top of the page or off the bottom, and you lose the ability to expand Token menus and stuff like that. Just throwing my 2 cents in.

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It's a bit of a scope shift to get into the feature of description-as-popups, but I agree with you.

I think a better compromise might be in showing a line or two of text, and on mouse hover extend the description over other page contents.

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What if you used a button that existed on the bottom of the hover popup that moves the description temporarily for that instance back to its original location under the field when clicked. This way we still get clean look but if there is an issue like stated above, the description can go back to its default state (Not a popup) if necessary. Just a thought.

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Indeed a problem (I work with the latest D7 version). I even had to switch off Rubik because the popups were out of sight or on top of each other, or on top of fields (obstructing data entry).

Would be lovely if there were an option to switch the popups off to show the help texts under the fields as is default in Drupal.

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@Vacilando You can change the CSS of .descriptions to display: block; and position: relative; and they should display under the textfields. Toy around with those styles until it works the way you want it.

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