It would be usefull to allow admin switch method, that with that ajax sends, from GET to POST.
It will be usefull if developer needs to send hudge mount of data to authcache.
GET have limits based on url length, btw it differs for different browsers.

Here is the patch for this.

#1 authcache_methods.patch3.86
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Good call. It might be more convenient to automatically switch to POST, though, if the data exceeds a certain limit, perhaps 2,000 characters?’s picture

Yes it can be automode, but I'd prefer to make just option.
Because we can not get limits. I knows 3 places that makes url(or some parts of it) limited.
1) Broswer level (limits lenght of ulr). Different broswers have different limits.
2) Web Server limit - Apache have ulr limit that default 2 000 chars (as you told)
3) Suhosin patch - can limit different parts of urls. like lenght of get param value.

So I think better to make admin resposible for this choose.


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