i'm duplicating this issue into the modules listed above, hoping all developers involved can take a look at it.

after scoping around, i've found quite some modules that change the way menus are made for content, through content type settings. these are:
* Auto Menu Title - auto-populates menu title per content type (no option to auto-populate with checkbox confirmation like in D7 core)
* Auto Menu - auto-populates menu title (didn't got it to work) per content type
* Simple Menu Settings - adds a checkbox to enable menus at content type creation/edition; auto-populates menu title per content type
* Node Menu Parent - sets the default parent menu per content type
* Menu Settings per Content Type - allows choosing menus parents from selected menus per content type
* Menuless Node Type - removes menu options per content type (obsoleted by Menu Settings per Content Type)

i can confirm Menu Settings per Content Type works with Node Menu Parent.

how about a common effort to merge all of these into a single module, performing all of the functionalities above and mimicking Drupal 7 core behaviour, as if it was a backport?

additionally, there could be an option to autocreate menus always for a given content type, as Auto Menu Title does it.

this way i think all users would be happy and there would be less confusion around... 6 modules into 1.
i'd say, pick Menu Settings per Content Type (ctm) and start work from there.


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I agree that a consolidated module would be ideal, and I'm not against supporting something like that.

Menu Settings per Content Type might be a good starting point, but it's quite buggy and hasn't had a commit in over 1-1/2 years. The module maintainer has also said he will not implement the functionality provided by this module (see #356603: Add default Parent Menu Item option when selecting enabled menus). Perhaps as Drupal 7 stabilizes a bit more we can work on back porting the menu functionality and adding extra features in a new module (i.e. something like Menus Bonus Pack, to mimic Views Bonus Pack).

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the other day i was thinking over an idea of extending FixCore, Util or Drupal Tweaks, or creating a new "Drupal 7 backport tweaks" module or something around those lines, comprising all or most of the tweaks and small features that made into D7 core, but not the more complex ones, to simplify and speed up things.

small things like content type settings, additional permissions (taxonomy delegation, view unplisbhed, etc), default filters, etc could probably make it with minimal effort.

perhaps too a an extra tweaks module (or using one of the existing modules specified above) to add additional features that should be in core (but aren't in either D6 or D7) or exist as a single module. could be ported to D7 as well.

that would reduce the clutter and bloat on number of modules.

meanwhile, settling for now with just content type settings like menus would be better ;)

regarding D7 stabilization, i agree. yet, perhaps it won't change more as they announced they won't be taking any more features (unless crucial ones) for the sake of fixing from now on just bugs and security issues.

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Little summary:

- The author of "Simple Menu Settings" doesn't want to merge with others ( module made for clients needs )
- "Menu Settings per Content Type" seems to be a good starting point but is not actively maintained.
- Possibility to create a new module like "Drupal Tweaks" instead of enhancing an existing one.

I would prefer to update "Menu Settings per Content Type" instead of creating a new module. Maybe an idea would be to ask the creator of ctm to add other developpers as maintainers ( from similar modules ).

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As far as I can see, Auto Menu (notice that your post is older than Auto Menu 1.0 stable release) has all features that Auto Menu Title and Node Menu Parent have, and even more: it's language aware.

Plus new features are announced for 2.0 version:

  • Auto creation of menu items based on taxonomy
  • Auto creation of menu items based on nodes tagged with a taxonomy term
  • Auto creation of menu items based on organic groups and nodes posted within an organic group

Definitely +1 for merging work and avoiding duplication.