"A blog is [a] personal diary or journal". As such, it may happen (it happened to me recently ;) that a user doesnt want her /personal/ blog entry to get voted and possibly promoted to the main page - but to keep it personal.

So, I would suggest to add a "make this entry votable" / "maybe promote this to the main page" checkbox to the blog entry page so that a user can choose if she wants this or not.


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This is a very useful function. Maybe it should also make the post private in the blog. In other words, maybe the post would only be visible to the author. Or maybe these are two different options.

I could see using this as a way to save a draft post, or if I want to remind myself of some things within the context of the host site.

- Joe

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Component: Code » blog.module
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I agree. We need this... It would make Drupal the most perfect thing ever.

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Is Anyone working on this?

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Version: x.y.z » 5.x-dev
Status: Active » Closed (fixed)

By definition, a blog is not personal in the sense that it is for one person only to see. I'll close this, and reopen if you need to.