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WYSIWYG image upload FAQ

If you simply can get it working, here are some answers on typical problems.

Generally before you proceed please check the incompatibilities section for problems with other modules and fixes for those.

  1. After uploading an image, the preview in the details form is not shown, neitherthe image is shown in the WYSIWYG editor, nor in the node view. You just see a image with an alt being some number
    1. You most probably have issues with ImageCache, or rather Image API using to much PHP memory to render the uploaded images. Check with your provider. Generally the larger the image, the more memory you will need.
  2. The button does not show up in the WYSIWYG(CKeditor) toolbar
    1. Are you using the the CKeditor 3.5 (current stable) and the stable WYSIWYG version (6.2?). See and upgrade to WYSIWYG dev
    2. Did you activate the Image upload in the WYSIWYG Profile? ((installation howto, step 3)
    3. Do you see any javascript errors?
    4. Do you have installed the "CKeditor module" (not the library itself). Thats the standalone-pluggin for CKeditor when you dont use the WYSIWYG module. Please remove the CKeditor module completely
  3. The button shows up, but when you press it, nothing happens
    1. After pressing the button, do you see any errors (javascript)?
    2. If you have a custom theme, be sure you placed the "$closure" area/variable
    3. Somehow the jquery ui libraries are not included. Check if they are.?
    4. If you use memcache or any other caching thing (varnish ..) please disable and try again.
  4. The button shows up you can press it, the dialog opens but is totaly broken (looks broken)
    1. You did not install the jquery.ui library correctly or have the wrong jquery_update version (installation howto, step 1.a) and 1.b)
  5. The button shows up and you can use the dialog. But after saving, you see [[wysiwyg_imageupload:12:]]
    1. You forgot to activate the input filter "Drupal Wiki inline image" (installation howto, step 4)
  6. After uploading the images, they disappeared after some days
    1. Did you use WUI in a Webform, Block, Panel? If yes, all of those are yet not supported. See the feature requests and issues for more informations
  7. You are using the appbar module and the app bar is appearing in your upload dialogs.
    1. You need to add wysiwyg_imageupload/upload/* to the list of excluded pages on the app bar settings page (admin/settings/appbar)
  8. After saving, all yout floating styles or other styles wont get applied?
    1. Your HTML filter is filtering span tags, see #1367012: Image align does not work

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Polyspiral’s picture

Hi, am I right in assuming that the images upload button appears appears in the text editor of the page like the bbcode etc, but on mine it doesnt, Im not sure what to expect as I haven't used this before. I believe I have followed all the steps including the input filters section where you tick 'upload image'. I really need some help

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Moved to issues queue...

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awesome module, thanks a lot,
How are you able to rezize the image with the handlers? I tried with the CKeditor but I´m not able to do so. the rest works ok, but the rezize won´t work , can you give me a hint? thanks again . I have the rezize image module on, and I have the set up config in the Rearrange Full HTML:
Image resize filter
Drupal Wiki inline-images
URL filter
Line break converter
HTML corrector

thanks again