I used swf tools to upload the videos. When creating new content as video and upload the video it works properly as it is in screenshot1. but whenever i try to work with facebook style status microblog, the erro wil be displayed as screenshot "Could not display the flash because does not appear to exist." and "You are missing some Flash content that should appear here! Perhaps your browser cannot display it, or maybe it did not initialize correctly.". what is going wrong here? How can i rectify this problem.

screenshot1.GIF59.81 KBNagadurga
screenshot.gif39.18 KBNagadurga


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I did not want to open another issue with the same title and similar issue.

First, I am not having the exact issue that the op was having.

I have a file located at path_to_theme().'/flash/file.swf' and can view the file by browsing to www.domain.com/sites/all/themes/mytheme/flash/file.swf to verify the path is valid.

To build the file path I use:

$file = file_create_url(path_to_theme().'/flash/file.swf');

Printing $file returns /sites/all/themes/mytheme/flash/file.swf

But when I use:

print swf($file);

I get the message saying it doesn't exist. But if I add http://www.domain.com to $file it loads. I've also tried swf(substr($file,1)) to remove the leading / from the path in case that was the issue and it didn't affected the output.

Is there some reason why swf() will not use a relative path?