This may feel a little outside the reach of this module, but the "Update Cart" button on the /cart page could certainly be removed. Even without needing your AJAX cart block folks might just want quantities to save via AJAX.

Reasonable request?


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Should go to options ;- ). Get in on my feature list.

Greetings from Drupal Con Kopenhagen.

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Grrr... wish I was there! stuck at company software conference.

Guess it's a good idea to put things on your feature list while you're at DrupalCon. Better chance of it happening ;)

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Added an option to hide update button in cart page (can't be removed becuase update functionality is triggered pushing this button using JS).

Hide is done using JS, so if JS is disabled button is still visible, so cart page is usable.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.