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Thanks to the great work of sudhirporwal, LoginToboggan module now has Rules integration, which is a great plus for Privatemsg module users as well =)

In a different example, we successfully sent a Welcome private message to users on your site, but what if we are using LoginToboggan and only want the Welcome private message sent after the user validates their account via the email link sent to their registered email address? This is easily done through the Rules integration. Sending after validation may be useful as unvalidated users are still able to log into their account, and we don't want to confuse users with a "Welcome! Here's what you can do on the site" and they may forget about the email validation process ;-)

Additionally enable the LoginToboggan Rules Integration sub-module, then setup as below:

  • Event: LoginToboggan - When the user account is validated
  • Action1: User - Load a user account
    • Choose the author of the message. This will most likely be from the admin or, for example, a user named 'system'' created for this message
  • Action2: Privatemsg - Send a message
  • Arguments configuration:
    • Recipient: The validated user's account
    • Author: The user loaded in Action1

Again, you can additionally add a condition to check the role of the user who validated and send a different welcome message depending on the role of the user.

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My experience attempting to implement this process was a bit different. I could not find a way to load the user for the author account. What I discovered is that you can achieve this by switching to direct input mode under Private message author and then adding the uid of the user you want the message to come from. I only needed one action to accomplish this.