In the function location_geocode_au_google() there is a line if ($accuracy_code != 8 && $accuracy_code != 7)

I have found on numerous sites that this threshold is too high. For example if I search Google Maps for "Eildon Road Jamieson VIC" I get the location just fine, but accuracy is apparently 6, so location module ignores it.

I think the code should read if ($accuracy_code < 6)


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Title: Current Google geocoding accuracy in Australia sucks » increase the the accuracy code window to 6 or greater (Current Google geocoding accuracy in Australia sucks)

There might be an issue in the queue for making the accuracy threshold a setting via the ui.
We might need someone to search the issue queue and look for issues involving the level of accuracy.

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yeah, that doesn't make a UI, right? just a var in code?

And this, #547418: Google Maps API v3 might depreciate the accuracy variable.. I think if I read it right... that is, if a setting can be made to let in the non perfect results.

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This should have been using the "Google Maps Geocoding Accuracy" setting from admin/settings/location/geocoding/au/google instead of hard coding the accuracy level.

This has been fixed in all branches. You can now use that setting to set the desired level of accuracy.

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