I'm starting using Drupal and i'd like to do a playlist of video. All of them are include in a single node. I create a CCK filefield upload. I also follow the following step.

1. Get the latest SWF Tools dev package that includes all this new stuff!

Done 6.X-3.0 beta

2. You need the jQuery update module as the scrollable feature requires the newer jQuery library.

Done 6.x-2.0-alpha1

3. You need to get tools.scrollable-1.1.2.js from http://flowplayer.org/js/tools/tools.scrollable-1.1.2.js?download=true. Put this file into sites/all/libraries/flowplayer3. Note - don't get the minimised file. At the moment the script name is hardcoded in the module.


4. To enable playlists you need to enable FlowPlayer 3 embedding at Sites > Administer > SWF Tools > Flowplayer 3 > Flowplayer embedding.


5. To enable scrolling playlists also enable tools.scrollable.js, also at Sites > Administer > SWF Tools > Flowplayer 3 > Flowplayer embedding.

Can't find this option in the Flowplayer embedding menu.

6. The generation of playlists (scrollable or plain) is a profile capable feature, so you can either set it up on the global settings page, or you can create a profile. It's all done under the new "Playlists" section on the FlowPlayer 3 configuration page. You can enable the playlist, enable scrollable playlists, and also choose between the gray and petrol style. I have just copied the styling straight from FlowPlayer to get things started.

Don't have the Playlists section in the FlowPlayer 3 configuration page.

7. Create your playlist either in a CCK field, or for real power use the Views to pull your content in!

Can't do this again.

I use flowplayer 3.2.2. I will put some picture of my config page.


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I've try using View to show my playlist. It's working on my view preview but when I put the block in a page or where ever I've got the same display as in the picture show before.

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What you're looking for isn't available with the 6.X-3.0 beta.
Download the 6.x-3.x DEV

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I have installed flowplayer the latest one I am using the latest of drupal as well 7.1x - It is configured from the back end but I don't know how to make it appear in the front end I have been reading from the forum how to do it but confusing giving a bunch of codes but no where show where to put the codes please can anyone help.

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Version: 6.x-3.0-beta4 » 6.x-3.0-beta5

I am having the same issues trying to get Playlist to work with Flowplayer3 on my local dev site:

Drupal 6.26
swftools 6.3.x beta5
player and plugin files: flowplayer-3.2.12.swf, flowplayer.embed-3.2.10.min.js
I downloaded the latest scrollable as jquery.tools.min.js and renamed it to scrollable.min.js
updated to jquery update 6.2.x dev

When setting Flowplayer 3 embedding to enabled, all the the links on the player config page become inactive and player does not render. Has anyone ever gotten flowplayer3 with playlist working? If so, how did you do it?