There needs to be a way to override or otherwise modify the features returned by function map_features() in Attached is a patch that does this with a simple theme function. There are probably other ways to accomplish this but this is at least a start to the conversation.

map_features_theme_function.patch2.79 KBrsoden
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Hi @rsoden, thanks for the patch. I am curious why this is necessary? The idea is to ensure that Views is producing the features you need. We specifically took this feature out of the 2.x version.

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Correction, we did not have this in 1.x, but the style array was put through a theme function. My bad.

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The reasoning is that the system created with the current openlayers data-getting and storing interface blocks users from doing usual views-alter tricks to bring in other data or modify the data that's there.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.