When editing a node with OpenLayersCCK widget the editing toolbar comes out at first with no tool selected,
but it really behaves as if the pan/move one (the hand) is selected.

Would seem a good idea to make this explicit by having the hand highlighted/selected by default.

I guess work is needed in the drawfeature JS

#2 DrawFeatures.defaultControl.patch1.79 KBstrk
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Category: bug » feature

Changing to feature request as I dont really consider this a bug. Thanks for catching this, though.

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Category: feature » bug
1.79 KB

The attached patch implements the requested features.
I took the chance to also rewrite the nested loop used to decide which controls to allow, which sounded pretty convoluted to me.

PS: this was tested against a local copy of OpenLayers-2.9.1, which should be the same of the online API.

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Title: No tool selected by default in editing toolbar » [PATCH] No tool selected by default in editing toolbar
Category: bug » feature

Sorry for changing back to bug report, was unintentional (altougth I would consider it a bug :P)

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Looks good - not sure about the validHandler array though, it seems like the kind of thing that should be a function so that down the line we might use filter() to do this loop.

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I won't be modifying the patch. Improvements are always good, but blocking on it isn't :)

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.