We are looking for someone to develop a CMS that can use open source code such as Drupal. The coding must be PHP and we will also need to integrate group functions from Groupee.com, custom search functions, and database driven dynamic page content. Everything must be built by the end of September. Please email career@siite.com if you are interested


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You don't really need a custom CMS as Drupal is not just a CMS, but a content management framework. By using Drupal's module system, you should be able to graft on additional features without duplicating or hacking the core itself. Plus with modules such as CCK, Views, Actions and Workflow, you can pretty much replicate any domain-specific CMS in Drupal.

It will save you a bunch of time and money in the long run.

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develop a CMS ... Everything must be built by the end of September.

Sorry, but that reminded me of the Dilbert cartoon where the pointy hair boss tells Dilbert "I put together a timeline for your project. I started by reasoning that anything I don't understand is easy to do. Phase One: Design a client-server architecture for our worldwide operations. Time: six minutes."

Now, getting serious ...

As Steven said, why not use Drupal itself?

Perhaps instead of "CMS" you mean "web site using CMS", then it starts to make sense.
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