Is there a roadmap for the Admin 2 Rubik combination for Drupal 7 given Drupal 7 is introducing accessibility enhancements? I ask because I am looking at the opportunity for visually impaired people to take over part or most of the administration activities on a site, including managing users. If the Admin 2 Rubik combination is not headed in that direction, is there a plan in Drupal 7 to work with one of the new themes included with Drupal 7?

Genesis is the most accessibly of the current Drupal 6 base themes. If there is not a roadmap for accessibility improvements through theme changes or a plan to work with a new theme, I will test with a theme based on Genesis.

I have not found a documentation page for Admin 2. If there is a page on, perhaps we could start a child page on Admin 2 and accessible themes.


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Title: Admin 2 and Drupal 7 accessibility and Genesis theme » Admin 2 and Drupal 7 accessibility
Category: feature » support
Issue tags: +accessibility

I am also interested in the level of conformance of the admin module to the accessibility standards of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. Can anyone provide an update? Has anyone done any work on this? Thank you in advance.

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