I've attached a Views CSV Export feed to a page view. The page view has Exposed Filters. I'd like the CSV to use those Exposed filters to filter to match the page view. I've added Arguements to match the Exposed filters, but hasn't worked.

Any ideas how I can get the CSV to use the Exposed Filters from the page it's attached to?


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I also want to do this. Any suggestions on how to make this work?


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You just have the same exposed filters on the attached views(ideal just put them all on the default view and don't override anything). Arguments are something different. The feed links will automatically get the same filters applied to its url as the filters your currently viewing.

Example of it in action: http://views.nerdpalace.net/export_example

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Can you go into this further? I'd like to be able to apply more than one filter to the view. Ideally I would just have a block or page with all of the filters I can apply and hit "render" and it would download the view in a CSV.

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Can anyone help me get this going? I want the buttons at the bottom right, as well, but don't know what I'm doing wrong. Can/would anyone give me a nutshell step-by-step to get the export function working? I've installed the bonus pack and bulk operations... anything else I'm missing? Bulk Exporter (under Site Building) wants me to create a module?? I'm just not there yet, so far as the programming side is concerned. ANY and all help would be amazing...

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Here's what I did.... I have a view that displays a page display type and added filters to it. It shows up as a table style. Then I added another ATTACHMENT display type, made it a CSV style... went to settings for that style and filled in my options (like generate a file, etc), and for settings box, I set it to attach to the page display type & gave it a path. there you go.

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Title: Views CSV Export » Views Export and exposed filters
Version: 6.x-1.0 » 6.x-1.x-dev

hi, i have no xls style in ATTACHMENT display type, only in feed.

i changed title of this issue for better search

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As is documented in the README.txt, they are feed types. When creating the feeds, you attach them to the page you want the icons to be displayed on just like any other feed.

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I'm using 6.x-1.x-dev. My Page has 3 exposed filters, my CSV feed has the same 3 filters. But the CSV feed does not honor the exposed filters. In Views, there is no "Inherit exposed filters" for the CSV feed like there is for the Attachment display type. How can I make this work?

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Did you ever find an answer to this, rcharamella?

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in my case it works if you make sure the exposed filters have exactly the same settings (in my view: the default settings for all pages)

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I have two exposed filters (one is a node reference and one is a date range) and the csv export works to the extent that it will export the results generated by the default values I have chosen for the exposed filters. However, if I change the filter values after the view has loaded, the csv export does not reflect those changes and still exports the default results (thereby rendering the exposure of the filters pretty meaningless). Can anyone confirm whether the csv export should be able to respond to changes in the exposed filter values?

(And neither filter is an override (i.e. they are the same for defaults, page and feed), as discussed by rv0 in #10).

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Same Issue here like gmreed #11

Would like to see only the results in the export/feed.

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I was also have the same problem. The csv output file was not respecting the filters applied by exposed filter. After playing around, I changed one setting. Under "Data export settings", I set Batched export: No. And now the csv output file is rendering correct results!

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Yes, export respects user set filters, but it's not obvious how to construct the url. Here's an example:


This is for D7 and Views 3

For me bulk export did not work until I set pager to display all & attached the export view to the main view on the view's export page settings .



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