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Wysiwyg Image Upload depends on jQuery UI 1.7.x. Some people run into trouble when installing this, and are getting this error:

Your jquery ui library version is too old to use wysiwyg_imageupload.

Here is a small howto on how to fix this.

Manually installing jQuery UI

  1. Download the jquery_ui Drupal module using the 6.x-1.5 stable version. Put it in your modules folder (e.g. sites/all/modules/jquery_ui)
  2. Go to the jQuery UI website and download the "Legacy" 1.7.x version. Not the 1.8.x version or any later branch!
  3. In a temporary directory, extract the directory "development-bundle" from the archive and rename it to "jquery.ui".
  4. Copy the renamed directory (jquery.ui) into the sites/all/libraries folder (create this folder if . It should look like sites/all/libraries/jquery.ui.
  5. Activate the jquery_ui module in Drupal.

Installing jQuery UI in terminal

For a quick fix run these commands in terminal. Drush is used to download and enable the jQuery UI module. If you don't use Drush you can install the module using FTP or whichever method you prefer. Note: In the third step, if the libraries folder doesn't already exist, create it with mkdir first.

$ cd /path/to/your/drupal/root/
$ drush dl jquery_ui-6.x-1.5
$ cd sites/all/libraries
$ wget
$ unzip development-bundle/*
$ mv development-bundle jquery.ui
$ rm
$ drush en jquery_ui

Pre-6.x-1.5: jQuery UI-library needs to be reinstalled after module upgrade

Prior to the jQuery UI module version 1.5, the jQuery UI library was living inside the module folder, and thus would be removed during an update of the module. With the release of version 1.5, the library can now safely exist in the libraries folder and will not be removed during future updates of the module.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


newkleur’s picture

great job! thank you very much! :)

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Good job.

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The current module is jquery_ui 6.x-1.4 and presumably it is stable.
Does this work with the 1.7.x branch or not?
As of today 1.8.6 is available. Does it work with 6.x-1.4?

EugenMayer’s picture

You can use the jquery_ui 1.4 module, i updated the howto, thanks

For the jquery_ui library i did only test 1.7.x yet, AFAIK i support 1.8 in the version strings and i remember people using it. Be sure you dont use the 1.8.x for jquery 1.4 ( jquery library 1.4 is what i mean here, not jquery_ui .. :) )

Linulo’s picture

Thank you for your howto and for the much needed upload functionality.

But F this version BS, jQuery UI is GPL so why not bundle it with the module until the version chaos is resolved? I am thinking about busy webmasters like myself who just cannot go through 4 sites, 2 howtos and 3 downloads just for one little piece of functionality. Most of us have dozends of modules installed, if every one of them would require so much hassle, Drupal would be widely unknown today.

Sorry, I can very well understand the problems jQuery's incompatibilities cause but I feel I needed to play devil's advocate to show my point. No harm intended.

EugenMayer’s picture

To be honest, you fight the wrong guy.

Its absolutely _impossible_ to ship a jquery_ui version ( library with the module ), du to the jquery_ui module limitations. It will be possible if this gets implemented in jquery_ui.

You frustration is understandable, but i cant change anything.

If its to much wor for you, just dont use the module. it seems only one small little piece on you website, so you might use something else.

I think the installation process of WUI is well documented, a step by step guide with a lot of different cases covered. While other modules have a much simpler setup ( a lot fewer steps ) they are mostly not documented at all, no FAQ, not edge cases and nothing else. So the work comes "later".

If you want an easy setup, use drush. There is a drush make file included, which gives you a 2 seconds setup. In real, the module is very easy install and maintain using drush and not the old and rusty "download it manually" steps using :)

Linulo’s picture

Thanks for your explanation.

Oh, I'm not fighting anybody, I just wanted to start a discussion about making the installation easier because I did not know of the discussion you kindly linked to.

Using drush is a good hint, too and I will look into this but for many users without shell access this may not an option.

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That's Drupal, mate - you install one module to try and then you realize you need ten other modules to get it working and 5 other modules to get it working well?

This module isn't actually too bad and very well documented, comparing to many others.

You want it simple - use WordPress.

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Sorry but I am confused by step 1. It seems to be redundant - so I suspect I am missing something important

What part of the stable version should I use?

The tar file has the directory jquery_ui which normally I would copy to the modules directory, but step 2 to 5 suggest that I only need to use the renamed directory from the newer development release

Just in case I first copied the stable version - and then overrode the new version etc - but I'm still having problems

Fatal error: Call to undefined function jquery_ui_add() in .....modules/jquery_ui_dialog/ on line 19

EugenMayer’s picture

You need _2_ pieces:
- the module jquery_ui (from, you put that module into site/all/modules/jquery_ui ... so it looks like site/all/modules/jquery_ui/jquery_ui.module.
- then you _additionally_ download the jquery_ui library from and put it under site/all/modules/jquery_ui/
- then you unzip it and rename the folder to jquery.ui, so you end up having site/all/modules/jquery_ui/jquery.ui

jfbordelon’s picture

In the primary instructions the jquery.ui is placed into the site/all/libraries directory. In this instruction you place it as a sub-directory under sites/all/modules/jquery_ui/. Which is it? In either case, I am still getting the error message on the wysiwyg_imageupload issue, and when creating a new event I am not getting the datepicker?

april26’s picture

I am new to Drupal, but not other CMS's. I have tried to follow the instructions exactly (including going through update.php etc) and the version name is still 6.x-1.4 and I still get the error message. Have I missed a step, put something in the wrong folder or is the error message always there?

I can't disable the module to re-enable it, as it is grayed out.

There are 10 kinds of people in the world, those who understand binary and those who don't!
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I've already got a mammoth of a site and really was trying to avoid jquery UI, but want to try out this module --- can you tell me the absolute minimum requirements for my ui download? Do i just need core?

ontoligent’s picture

I found that I had to rename the js file within the ui directory for everything to work. That is, within


change jquery-ui-1.7.3.custom.js (or whatever you have) to jquery-ui.js

Hope this helps.

phildu’s picture

this help me a lot
should be in the documentation !!!

alar’s picture

So silly in retrospect, but while trying to enable jQuery on a 'new' site I was attempting to install to sites/all/modules directory. I did not check my sub-domain/modules/ directory which is where a late-night partially installed version of jQuery sat. Of course the sub-domain/modules directory took precedence. Note to self: Never leave a partially installed version of anything anywhere!!!

lyosef’s picture

I have reinstalled your module several times (following your instructions to the letter) and still I get the same error message telling me that I have an 'old' version installed when that's not true. Would you suggest another module that will allow the upload of images please.

hbblogger’s picture

Has something changed?? I have the same problem. Followed your instructions to the letter, even changed the name to jquery-iu.js. I have definitely got version jquery.iu version 1.7.3 neatly installed in the jquery_iu module and I still have the same problem. Unfortunately this is essential for installing wysiwygimageupload and a couple of other modules in a desperate effort to simply get an inline image! Please consider this as an urgent request for a solution!

rootwork’s picture

It's jquery_ui, not jquery_iu. That might have been the source of your problems.

I've updated the how-to above to reflect jquery_ui.module's 1.5 release, which allows for the jQuery UI library to live in the libraries folder, and thus won't be wiped out on future updates (so you won't have to keep doing this over and over again).

EugenMayer’s picture

Thanks for the update, simply a typo.

We should update the howto in any case to reflect how to use the libraries api, iam also considering to force-dependency on the libraries API to ease up the installation process by a margin. But well that will be discussed in the queue.

To the people posting "issues" under thins howto again and again, please dont do that. Iam neither looking at it, nor will every do that. Use the issue queue, thats what it is for :)

TomD_Iburg’s picture

Hi there

I'll start out by saying, I've followed every single step, and tried out the solutions, that other mention here in the comment area, but nothing seems to work for me.

This is what, I've done.

1) I started by downloading the jQuery ui drupal module, and placed it in my sites/all/modules/ folder, like every other module.

2) Next i went to the page, and downloaded the 1.7 Legacy version.

3) I then copied only the "development-bundle" folder from the downloade 1.7 version into my sites/all/libraries/ folder, and named it jquery.ui, so that the path is sites/all/libraries/jquery.ui.

4) After this I went to my modules page to activate the jQuery UI module, but I can't activate it.
If I try to access one of my page nodes, I get this message:

"fatal error: Call to undefined function jquery_ui_add() in /home/cmsloesning/public_html/sites/all/modules/jquery_ui_dialog/ on line 19"

Could some please help me figure this out, and explain it a bit more in details?

One thing that gets me confused is. Is it right, that the only files I need from the downloaded 1.7 legacy version are the ones in the "development-bundle" folder?

Hope someone can help me with this



llorberb’s picture

I am having the same problem.

There seems to be contradictory information here. Does the development module need to go in the same folder as the original jQuery 1.5. If so there is already a file there named 'jquery.ui' so placing this new development module there would override existing documents.


rootwork’s picture

The module goes in /sites/all/modules.

The JQuery library goes in /sites/all/libraries.

There is no "development module." When the JQuery library is unzipped, it creates a folder called development-bundle. That's what you rename to jquery.ui.

rootwork’s picture

Also just pointing out, yet again (it's been mentioned above) that comments here will NOT get seen by anyone except those randomly stumbling across them. If you need support, post a request in the issue queue.

satishraj’s picture

Thanks jquery got installed for me as mentioned in the first comment that we need to place the .ui folder after rename it worked fine for me .

Thanks once again......:-)

botris’s picture

When updating in the terminal, step 6 $ mv development-bundle jquery.ui creates the structure libraries/jquery.ui/development-bundle, which results in an error.
So step 6 & 7 should be

$ mv development-bundle/* jquery.ui
$ rm development-bundle
DrupalMan’s picture

By folowing this steps I still get the 6.x-1.5 as current module version in my /build/modules page. What we update to 1.7.x is only the library correct? So it's ok that it stays 1.5 .

Edit: Looks like that's correct. The stable version 6.x-1.5 works with the up to date library 1.7.x.