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Known incompatibilities for WYSIWYG imageupload with patches

All incompatibilies are based due to the new jquery 1.3 / jquery ui 1.7.2 version and not on wysiwyg_imageupload. Basically I am running a very complex Drupal setup and it works with nearly 120 modules without any problems. Nearly all problems are related to the no longer supported "@ Syntax" in jquery 1.2.

Secure pages

It is possible for the Secure Pages module to interfere with WYSIWYG Imageupload.
If you are securing pages the use WYSIWYG Imageupload, like node add/edit pages, you also need to secure the WYSIWYG Imageupload pages.

If this is affecting you, image uploading will not be working properly and you will be seeing javascript errors like:

Error: Permission denied to access property...

To fix this problem,
Don't secure your node add/edit pages, or wherever you are using WYSIWYG Imageupload.

If you must secure those pages you can try also securing the WYSIWYG Imageupload paths:

However, this will result in not being able to view any images uploaded using WYSIWYG Imageupload unless you are viewing the site in https. So to get the results you require you might have to do some more research and tweaking.

If you want further discussion on this there is an informational issue at #1165586: Image upload not working when using the secure pages module.

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Patches are no longer needed in most use cases now

- tabs is patched in the dev version, and should therefore also be fixed in version 1.4
- panels_tabs is fixed in 6.x-1.0-RC4 and higher
- lightbox2 is now on version 1.11, so that should be okay too.

So it now breaks down like this
- wysiwyg: use dev until version 2.2 comes out
- lightbox2: use stable version
- tabs: use dev until 1.4 comes out
- panel_tabs: use standard version, 1.0-RC4 or higher