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Do i need to migrate? How?

Yes you need to migrate. To ease this up I have written a submodule which will do this automatically. This means it will update all revisions of your nodes which include wysiwyg_imageupload images to use the new macro. In addition it will convert the database-structure to the new one.

!! Make a database backup before you proceed !!

  1. Activate wysiwyg_imageupload_migrate_1_2
  2. Go to site structre / wysiwyg_imageupload imgration
  3. Choose "wysiwyg upgrade from 1.x 2.x" in the administration menu (admin/build)
    This should take a while and you should have migrated sucessfully.
  4. Styles: You need to migrate your styles manually. Just go under the wysiwyg_imageupload and remove all \n\r and make every style one line
  5. Input Filters: Activate the input filter "Drupal Wiki inline images" for all input-types you want to use wysiwyg_imageupload in. If you are using 'HTML filter' for your 'Input filter', you probably have to add img as a allowed html tag

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Here's a hopefully more clear description:

Assuming your site is running wysiwyg_imageupload 6.x-1.x (mine was 6.x-1.10)

  • Now would be a good time to back up the database!
  • Download wysiwyg_imageupload 6.x-2.x (note: I chose 2.9)
  • Delete the whole wysiwyg_imageupload directory (probably in /sites/all/modules/)
  • unzip the new 2.x module in its place (again - probably becomes /sites/all/modules/wysiwyg_imageupload/)
  • Visit the /admin/build/modules page
  • Enable the "Wysiwyg imageupload - Migrates WYSIWYG imageupload 1-x t 2.x" module (and enable required modules on the following screen)
  • Go to /admin/build/wysiwyg_imageupload/wysiwyg_imageuload_to_2 NOTE: the migration will be performed upon arrival at the above URL!

In my case the above steps are all I needed to do.