Last updated 4 May 2010. Created on 4 May 2010.
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In this tutorial we will block an IP address range.



  1. Navigate to admin/user/troll/ip_blacklist/import
  2. Into the field List: type in the start of IP range to block.
    For example if you want to block through then type in
    This would block the 256 IP address locations.

    -The IP format must be *.*.*.*/24
    -Replace * by numbers. You must add /24 at the end. /24 is a CIDR notation. Read more

  3. To view the full list of blacklisted IPs go to admin/user/troll/ip_blacklist/search
    Search for any IP within the range you just blocked. For example without the quotes. If successful the IP shows as blacklisted.

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