Last updated 31 March 2014. Created on 3 May 2010.
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The filedepot module is a feature rich application for managing and sharing files securely across your organization or user community. The module is easy to install as it only requires the base CCK and filefield modules. The filedepot module has been developed to provide the user with an easy to use functions to search, download, edit and add documents. The user interface has been developed with design cues from Google Docs and makes extensive use of modern web application technologies to behave like a desktop application.

Files or documents can be stored outside the public directory so files can not be accessed from a URL directly and have to be downloaded from the application where user access rights are tested. The site can be setup to use SSL and further secure the document repository. The root path where files are securely saved is a online configuration option. You can still pass a link to the file as a URL but it will be a link within the application control so that it can validate access and then serve up the file if approved.

When filedepot is used with the optional desktop MS Windows client from Nextide, users can bulk upload documents by just dragging or copying files from their desktop or saving files from their popular desktop applications. Filedepot also supports a download for editing mode that allows the user to click on the file from your Drupal site repository and download it directly for editing. You can then save the file to a local directory and when saved, the new version is uploaded automatically and replaces the original saved file in filedepot repository.

Go to the project page to download releases or view/log issues.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.