Administering a content type's comment settings

Last updated on
6 February 2017

To configure comment settings on a specific content type:

  1. Navigate to the Content types administration page (Administer > Structure > Content types or
  2. Find the content type you want to enable and click the "Edit" link.
  3. Scroll down and click the "Comment Settings" tab.
  4. Here you can specify several different settings (some options will not appear until you've selected a certain setting).

Content type comment configuration

Default comment setting for new content

The comment setting on future content of this type will default to:

  • Hidden: No comments are allowed, and past comments are hidden.
  • Closed: No comments are allowed, but any past comments remain visible.
  • Open: Any future content of this type is open to new comments.

Note: Normally this setting is a default, and is not retroactive to existing content of the type.
However , new settings can be applied to existing content , if you install an extra module like


When this option is enabled, comments are displayed in a threaded list (replies are indented to make discussions easier to follow).

Comments per page

Specifies the maximum number of comments displayed on one page (additional pages will be added if you exceed this limit).

Allow comment title

When this option is enabled, a user can fill in a title for their comment (the title is optional).

Show reply form on the same page as comments

When this option is enabled, the reply form is displayed on the same page as the comments. (If this is not selected, clicking "Reply" will take you to a new page where you can fill in the reply form.)

Preview comments

You can specify whether a preview is "Required" (always be displayed prior to saving the comment), "Disabled" (never displayed), or "Optional" (the user has the option of displaying a preview).

Note: Be sure to click "Save content type" after configuring the settings.